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Oh no, we won’ t go. We will stay, as we were. Maybe more.There’s always more when it comes to Rock ‘n’ Roll. We will wait for you at the stairway. Or under the chandelier. Living up to the spirit of good times, the times when you danced all over everything. We will look at you with sober faces or with dazed eyes.
We will laugh, we will cry for the love that we lost. And then we will laugh a bit more. We will dance till dawn and have a coffee on a Sunday morning. We will travel you through time, for the older to remember and the younger to learn. Learn how Rock ‘n’ Roll never grows old. Neither do we. So we stay, we stay since 1987. Here’s to the glory of the past and the charm of what is more to come!

  • The reservation concerns the restaurant area, it is valid for food and not for the exclusive consumption of drinks, coffee or snacks.
  • For all reservations, the time limit applies until 01:00.
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6 Loukianou St. Athens

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Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday 20:00 - 01:00
Saturday 14:00 - 01:00
Sunday 20:00 - 01:00
Closed on Monday

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Bar Restaurant

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Cost per person

26€ - 35€

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VISA Diners MasterCard

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WiFi Wine List Paid parking

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Business Meetings

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Overall Rating

3 Reviews