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  • Go to the restaurant as if you had made a phone reservation
  • There are no coupons
  • The discount will be applied to the total amount of your final bill

Over 1600 restaurants are already enlisted in e-table and they are winning new customers every day

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What it offers you

Free Promotion

The registration to e-table costs absolutely nothing, unlike other cases that require an annual subscription! We promote your business by using innovative ways and tools (such as 3D virtual tours, Social Media ads, advertorials on our popular blog etc) and through our wide affiliation network (websites, applications etc.).

Add reservation Widget to your website

10% of restaurant reservations, abroad, are made online. Online reservations are expected to grow as a percentage of total, as the respective percentage in hotel reservations is over 60%. Take advantage of this constantly growing trend and start accepting online reservations, without phone calls, 24 hours a day, on e-table or your website via our Booking Widget.

Reliable Reviews

Protect your business from malevolent and unreliable reviews. E-table is the only website which publishes restaurant reviews reviews only from users who have actually visited the restaurants through an online reservation on a specific day and time. If a user does not make a reservation through e-table, he can’t upload a review.

Free reservation and customer management system

E-table develops and offers you at no cost a complete reservation and customer management system for android devices. With this application you will be able to manage all your reservations view key operational and customer reports that will help you deliver better customer experience more efficiently.


Kostas Karakaxidis
General Manager Wagamama

"E-table has offered us considerable awareness and thanks to the exceptionally simple online booking process, people leanred that wagamama in Greece, in contrast to other Wagamama abroad, accepts reservations."

Christos Xanthopoulos
Owner Da Nonna

"E-table provided me with free advertising, helped me attract new customers and boosted my reservations on low demand days and hours. In contrast to deal sites, e-table fully supports me with the management of the reservations while e-table customers are more conscious."

Angelos Koveos
Owner Balcony in Cyclades

"With e-table, I am able to manage very easily the tables and special offers that I want to offer online. At the same time, I find very important and convenient the ability to read and reply to reviews from customers I know that have trully visited my restaurant with an online reservation."

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More services from e-table

Get a dynamic website from 99€

Is your website up to date? Have you considered how popular your business would become if you had a new dynamic website? We can construct a brand new for you, tailored to your needs, only with 99 euros.


Get Social with us from 29€

For quite a long time the Social Media has invaded vigorously into our lives! We take over the creation and the daily management of your business profile in the most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter και Google+, only with 99 euros.


Hosting Tourist Groups

E-table cooperates with a wide range of tour operators and agencies that uses its platform to make group reservations for their clients. This presents a great opportunity for you to increase the flow of new customers and boost revenues. Contact us directly in order to participate in any of our available programs or learn more.

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Add a Booking Widget on your website

If you own a webpage, you can start receiving reservations by integrating our Booking Widget. Your webpage visitors will be able to instantly make a reservation and you don’t need to worry about missed opportunities anymore. E-table will always notify you for new reservations and keep your availability updated. Check out how the Widget works by clicking the button below.

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