FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

General - How it works

E-table is an innovative online service that helps users to discover new restaurants and make instantly confirmed, online reservations 24/7. E-table is free of charge, it does not require credit card and it provides its users with exclusive privileges and discounts up to 50%.
  1. Booking online is much easier and quicker, 24h a day, without the hassle of phone calls or the need to wait for confirmation.
  2. Most of the times you benefit from discounts up to 50% that are discreetly applied to your final bill.
  3. Each time you use e-table you earn loyalty points that can be redeemed later to extra discounts of 10€ or 25€
  4. Usually you get a “special treatment” as restaurants know that you can write a review afterwards
It is as simple as that: Upon your arrival at the restaurant you only have to mention the name of the reservation and that you have booked a table via e-table. Choose freely from the menu and the discount will be applied directly to your final bill! There are no coupons and you don’t need to print anything.

Reservation Management

E-table has already agreed on a certain number of tables to be reserved in advance in each restaurant, so when you make a reservation online, you do not need to wait for confirmation.

In the extreme scenario that a restaurant has to cancel your reservation due to reasons of force majeure, we will contact you immediately to offer you an alternative. If the cancellation is made during the last 16 hours, we will compensate you by giving you 10 euros (1,000 reward points).
Modifying or cancelling a reservation is very simple and free of charge. You just click “Reservations” under your profile and you select the appropriate action.

Modification: You can change the arrival time, date, the party size, the reservation name, the telephone number or the reservation comments.

Cancellation: You may cancel your reservation at any time. In case your schedule has changed, we urge you to cancel your reservation online otherwise you will be marked by the restaurant as a no-show incident based on our Terms of Use.

Alternatively, you can modify or cancel your reservation via phone by contacting us at +302113115555 (daily 11:00–23:00, local rate).
Call us at +302113115555 (daily 11:00–23:00, local rate) telling us the restaurant you want to visit and we will contact the restaurant and book your table upon restaurant’s confirmation.
In order to write a restaurant review you should have first made a reservation via e-table. 48 hours after the successful completion of your reservation, you will receive a link via email that will guide you to rate the restaurant and write your own certified review. Alternatively, you can follow the review link under “Reservations” in your profile at e-table.

Point System

1000 points and get a 10€ extra discount, or
2000 points and get a 25€ extra discount

Ways to earn points:
First completed reservation: +200
Each additional completed reservation: +100
Restaurant review: +25
Invite your friends and get 500 loyalty points for each one who makes a reservation within 90 days of the invite. Your friend will get 500 loyalty points too!

Beware not to be marked as a No-show incident, because you will lose 300 loyalty points. In addition, if you do not use e-table for more than 6 months, your loyalty points will be gone.

You can redeem your loyalty points during the booking process on the “Reservation Completion” page, provided that your chosen restaurant is participating in e-table’s Loyalty Reward Program.

Account Problem

E-table’s Customer Loyalty Program was launched in 20/12/2014 and takes into account all reservations made from this date onwards. The points are credited to your e-table account 48 hours after the reservation time, assuming that the reservation was not cancelled or a no-show. If you notice that your points are not credited, please contact us and we will fix it immediately.

Reservation Problem

This is something that rarely happens. There is a possibility that a restaurant employee is not properly informed or does not know that you booked via e-table. Contact us immediately to solve the problem. If the discount didn’t appear in your receipt we will make sure the restaurant returns the difference.
This is something that happens rarely. Based on our experience, this is a result of an omission from the part of the restaurant.

We would like to inform you that e-table has already reserved a certain number of tables in advance in each restaurant so you do NOT need to wait for a confirmation.

Moreover, for every reservation, restaurants are informed by email, SMS and by call from our call center to make sure that your reservation is accepted.

All of our listed restaurants have access to a cloud based reservation management system in order to view and manage their bookings 24/7.

Reservation interest via telephone

Sure. Contact us at +302113115555 (daily 11:00–23:00, local charge) and we will assist you right away.

General-How we cooperate

Your company’s visibility in e-table is free. The only existing charge is a small fee for every person coming to your restaurant, with the reservation made through our platform. There is no other charge while cancellations and no-shows are not charged. Learn more about what we can offer or contact us at 211-311-5555 (daily 11: 00-23: 00 with local rate) to arrange an appointment at your place and discuss all the details you want.

Problems with Reservations

Contact us at 211-311-5555 (daily 11: 00-23: 00 with local rate) and inform us about the details of the booking in order to change its status to "no-show" or "cancelled." You will not be charged for this reservation. Keep in mind that you can manage your bookings yourself from your e-table administration profile.
You can cancel the reservation from your e-table administrative profile. Alternatively, you can contact us at 211-311-5555 (daily 11: 00-23: 00 with local rate) and provide us the details to cancel it. You will not be charged for this reservation. It is very important to inform us as soon as possible about cancelled reservations, so that a user that has not visited your restaurant does not to have the opportunity to criticize or cause any problems in your invoice.
E-table sends you a monthly report of your bookings so you can have an overview of the last month. In addition, for the restaurants that will be invoiced, an additional bookings reference is sent, which contains the booking details for the issued invoice.

If you are questioning the Petitions, you can contact us at 211-311-5555 (Monday to Friday 11:00 - 19:00) or contact your spokesperson.

Once you have received the invoice, this indicates that you have been priced for bookings made via e-mail. On this invoice you will find all the details in order to proceed with the invoice’s payment via bank deposit. For any questions or clarifications please contact us at 211-311-5555 (Monday - Friday 11:00 - 19:00)


Once you have received the invoice, you have been priced for bookings made via e-mail. On this invoice you will find all the details in order to proceed with the payment of the invoice via bank deposit. For any questions or clarifications please contact us at 211-311-5555 (Monday - Friday 10:00 - 19:00)
By issuing an invoice, we send an SMS to the mobile phone numbers you have indicated, to download the e-invoice file from your email and inform your accountant. In this invoice you will find all the details in order to proceed with the payment via bank deposit.
Pricing is done on a monthly basis if the cumulative unrecognized balance is greater than a limit (in euros). Regardless of the cumulative unrecognized balance, you are always priced at the end of the year, as defined by the Legislation.