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A colorful scenery with a variety of excellent seafood dishes with fresh fish and local fresh meat and gastronomic selections by the chef that has been ideally prepared for you. Paraplous is by the sea with a magnificent sunset, an ideal choice for your nights in Rethymnon. A cosmopolitan aura and view of the waves, in an all day space with demands. It utilizes a very nice spot outside the city center. Greekness and Mediterranean identity is the rule, traditional ingredients are present such as Cretan olive oil which is the basis of most dishes and creative combinations imaginative, with a strong aroma of the sea and the aura of Crete. With an emphasis on seafood delicacies and the well-known popular dishes of international cuisine. The modern seafood cuisine mixes Mediterranean and Cretan elements. A place created with love, and with the management of Paraplous guaranteeing your return again and again with the hospitality and special care that has taken care to be high.

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Pigianos Kabos St. Rethymno

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Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 07:00 - 02:00

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All-Day Cafe Restaurant

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Cost per person

16€ - 25€

Payment Methods

VISA MasterCard

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