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The authentic Lakis Ouzo has been located in Victoria Square for 30 years. The ouzo bar was opened as a cafe by Lakis Lambrou in 1984. In its first phase, the kitchen came out cooked at noon and appetizers at night. Of course, since Lakis's son, George, took over the store, maintaining his name, you have many good reasons to become a regular visitor. It pulls you to sit down, even to hurry to drink an ouzo and enjoy a small meze. The shop reminds you of an old ouzo that brings to mind childhood memories, glass boats-lights that hang from the top, life jackets for decorations and small frames with the many tributes that have been made for this restaurant. Those who love seafood know very well that in Victoria Square there is always a hangout where they will find the best and most delicious fish. And do not think that in Lakis the dishes are just a pan. Both George and Anna love experimentation and creative cuisine. They think of new dishes together, cook them, try them, make the necessary changes and when they are ready, they put them on the tables to see the impressions, to hear opinions and to be 100% sure that they can add them to the list. Lakis ouzo serves mainly fresh fish from Kimi and you should try saganaki with shrimp, anchovy sofrito, noodles with herring, peskandritsa and skate, wonderful feta with crispy semolina crust with sweet and spicy marmalade, but You should definitely try cuttlefish pasta and its ink with rich flavor and creamy texture.

Make a reservation at Lakis Ouzo through so that you too can have this unique tasting experience.

See the fish of the day on the facebook page "Laki ouzo" after 12:00

The choice of indoor or outdoor space is mandatory! In case the reservation does not have a choice of place, the restaurant will serve the reservation, where a table is available at the moment! In case the reservation does not have a comment on the choice of place and the necessary information has not been made, the restaurant has the option to cancel the reservation!

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16 Elpidos St. Athina

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Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 12:00 - 00:00
Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

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Phone reservations via e-table
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Fish Tavern

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up to 15€

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VISA MasterCard

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