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Hervé Restaurant


4 Reviews



Herve restaurant serves a tasting menu highlighting a lifelong journey of Chef’s Herve Pronzato remarkable professional and personal progressive career through Europe, Asia and Middle East with focused cooking and vibrant flavors in a relaxed, open space. Our menu changes seasonally to reflect the best local ingredients at teach time of the year. We work closely with farmers and suppliers to source ingredients of top quality from all regions of Greece, many of
which are organically grown, others are wild, others carefully selected from local markets each morning from our staff. We don’t fit into a category of cuisine but  we’re influenced by many international cuisines, local street food and markets, traditional old-school forgotten techniques presented in a modern approach. The incredible abundance of Mediterranean ingredients drives our cooking and we love to share that with our guest in a creative way. Our goal is to offer a unique dining experience that could only be had at Herve Restaurant, bold, innovative, colorful and stimulating. Make your reservation via e-table easily and quickly!

  • On the day of the reservation, the restaurant will contact you to confirm the reservation, if communication is not possible by that time, the reservation will be canceled.
  • When making a reservation at Herve Restaurant either by phone or through our booking platform, it is mandatory that you insert a valid credit card.
    Cancellation policy
    Cancellation within 48 hours : no charge
    No show or cancelling less than 24 hours before arrival time: nonrefundable charge of 65,00 euros / person.
    For vegetarian or pescetarian tasting menus we will ask for a full payment in advance of your arrival.
    Please bear in mind that at our restaurant everything is prepared taking into consideration the number of guests we are going to cater, so, to ensure our zero waste philosophy, you are kindly advised to not reserve a number of diners higher than desired. In case the number of guests doesn’t add up to the initial reservation’s request and without prior communication with the restaurant within less than 24 hours, every guest not appearing will be regarded as a failed attendance and will be charged 65,00 euros.
  • Herve will send a 4-digit code to your mobile number to enter the restaurant.

For reservations, a seating of 2 hours applies

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Τριών Ιεραρχών 170 Άνω Πετράλωνα

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Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 19:30 - 01:00
Sunday & Monday closed

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Phone reservations via e-table
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Contemporary Casual

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Cost per person

51€ and more

Payment Methods

VISA MasterCard

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Overall Rating

4 Reviews