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At the corner of Dorylaio, the Fish Market sparkles all white like summer and an island, but it doesn't sound Aegean to you at all. In its own way it radiates you somewhere in the South of France, the choice of the southern French chair also helps a bit. Something in his air, as if winking at you that you didn't come here to eat another grilled sardines. Looking inside, you can see the fisherman's counter, yes, Giannis first made a "name" for fish with a fish shop in Ampelokipis before coming here. In which "here" the tradition continues and while you are reading the menu, customers come in and out to buy fresh fish for home, from Kavala , Chios , Kymi of Evia and every fishing spot in the Aegean. In the meantime, you've been lusting after a spartan scorpina barbata and you dream of it grilled on coals and without lemon oil. So, something smacks you in the face when you read the Asian influences on the menu. But when you taste the first spoonful of fish soup with curry, lemongrass, coconut milk and fresh coriander, you have automatically fallen in love with the chef and with Asia as a whole. In the polyphony of the time, for a restaurant to be imprinted in your memory, it must leave an indelible taste on your palate. This fish soup is why I will personally and fervently return here. However, and with the scorpion stuck in my head, I asked for it grilled and very fortunately, the service led me to a cod fillet with black tempura, potato chips and aioli, fish ethereal and crunchy, deliciousness between two different textures, the most a happy coexistence between France, the Aegean and Asia, an elegant art in the plate that reminds you of a pebble or something in a work of art after all. And the dusk suddenly shone like Cote d'Azur, with the oysters coming on crushed ice with four different sauces in a test tube, back Japan, we chose the fish we craved for sashimi, and then we were thrown into the vague, but delicious fusion universe of mussels , which sauteed with garlic, chilli, fish paste and coriander oil. The sushi and sashimi are also excellent, because only the delicious counter with the raw material staring you in the face can guarantee absolute freshness. I did not know Vassilis Mitsotakis, who is young and a chef. Tasting it, I thought how unfair it is for us to know as famous cooks who are not even close to his technique and deliciousness. Because it's not easy to achieve perfection when you have to cook a flavor whose language you don't speak. Make your reservation now through e-table and get unique benefits and discounts!

A maximum stay of 2 hours applies.

For reservations of more than 8 people, contact the restaurant by phone to check availability.

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7 Dorylaiou St. Ambelokipoi

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Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 13:00 - 22:00
Sunday 13:00 - 17:30

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Phone reservations via e-table
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Fish Restaurant

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Cost per person

26€ - 35€

Payment Methods

VISA MasterCard

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14 Reviews