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Arismari & Avarsamo in Galatsi, operates for several years in this area and is the result of the collaboration of two young children from Crete, Savvas Barkoulas and Zacharias Mavromanolakis. Hence the name of the store, which means Rosemary and Mint. Two ingredients that we often use in cooking and that give a special taste to the food. You can start the delicious adventure with a big salad that has the name of the store and contains green salads, bacon, croutons, gruyere flakes and a nice sweet and sour vinaigrette. At the same time, do not forget to choose the delicious Grilled Pleurotos (Amanites are called by the Cretans and the menu) accompanied by Cretan gruyere and lemon oil herbs, Boiled Stamnagathi with lemon and salt flower and freshly baked Vegan Vegetables. The appetizer that you will like most of all is the Cretan Graviera, that is, delicious gruyere sticks, which smelled of fresh butter, wrapped in kadaifi and included in a honey sauce . Then you can try the Pork chops, which are very tasty and the Beef braised with mashed potatoes from the dishes of the day. There is also a plate of grilled meats with baby potatoes and pies, which is convenient for large groups. Finally in this wonderful restaurant, the sweets are one better and fresher than the other. You will definitely single out the wonderful lemon tart and the handmade bougatsa with delicious vanilla cream and crispy sheet . With all these wonderful dishes, the only sure thing is that you will go again!

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  • Valid 2 hours seating for reservations
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13-15 Sirou st. Galatsi

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Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 13:00 - 00:00

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Phone reservations via e-table
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Cost per person

16€ - 25€

Payment Methods

VISA MasterCard

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