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  • Get discounts up to 50% and start earning points towards 10€ or 25€ gift cards
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  • Go to the restaurant as if you had made a phone reservation
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Help people in need


How it works?

Earn Loyalty Points by making online Restaurant Reservations, inviting friends or writing reviews for restaurants you have visited.

Log in and head to the “Loyalty Points” page. There you have the option to donate your Points to one of the participating NGOs.

e-table will donate, on your behalf, an amount of money equivalent to the number of Points you choose. Real money to People in Real need.
or simply
For every 500 points you donate, the NGO you choose gets 5€ from e-table

NGOs participating

Make a small step towards helping those in need. Every Reservation and Donation Counts

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SHARE IT! and Corporate Social Responsibility recognizes that businesses and the society are interconnected and a necessity to each other. In this context and as we grow, we are committed to incorporating more and more CSR practices in our activities. We are convinced that not only is this good business practice but also an opportunity to develop innovative services that create value for both our users and society.

In this journey, we will always be open to dialogue and expecting your comments and suggestions for our constant improvement. Contact us here.