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To Rodi restaurant in Sepolia is a special place with flavors from Asia Minor. In a traditional environment with warmth and unpretentious hospitality of the family Zatikian Gkrigkor, stone walls, wooden details, colorful stained glass with pomegranate as a trademark in all its versions and the restaurant's framed awards on the walls, you will taste the Armenian traditional homemade recipes. Try the most delicious kebabs, lahmacun with minced meat and crispy dough, perfect eggplant roll stuffed with crunchy walnuts, perfectly round boiled and lightly Isli kioufta, made with  beef and groats, special chopped spicy carrot salad with coriander and the unique eggplant salad with whole pieces of eggplant and fresh tomato. Ask fro the incredibly aerated water, which arrives from Yerevan in Armenia and finish your special menu with delicious desserts Mom Larissa. To Rodi in Sepolia is the only Armenian restaurant where you will discover the authentic spicy cuisine from Asia Minor. Book your table easily via e-table.

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163 Kreontos St. & 179 Rodou St. Athens

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Monday to Sunday 11:30 - 00:30

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up to 15€

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