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Mirai Sushi Bar restaurant in Chania is one of the top choices for Japanese cuisine. Elegant yet modern space with minimal decoration and trend-setting atmosphere will travel your mind through flavors, aromas and the culture of Far East. The experienced and famous chef prepares japanese specialities and sushi in the open kitchen that will satisfy the lovers of Japanese gastronomy. Try tempura, nigiri or sashimi, asian recipes with chicken or beef, soups, noodles and the indulgent Mirai's desserts with either chocolate or fruits and vegeterian and vegan dishes. For top quality japanese cuisine in Chania, Mirai Sushi Bar is one of the best options in the city center. Discover top japanese restaurants in Crete via and get benefits and discount on your favorite japanese dishes.

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11 Chatzimichali Daliani St. & Tsouderon St. Chania

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Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 19:00 - 01:00
Closed on Mondays and Sundays

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Sushi Bar

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Cost per person

16€ - 25€

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VISA Diners MasterCard

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