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Island (Varkiza)

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The Island ' s cuisine began as Mediterranean but has evolved as a variety of distinguished Greek chefs have undertaken its management. Today, it would be classified as Mediterranean-creative. The Chef is the experienced and talented Nikos Skliras. However there is also a sushi section with leading Japanese chefs as an alternative menu in the restaurant. Recipes that one finds in most Mediterranean countries for fish, meat or pasta carried out in modern imaginative way, making the dishes unique. It is the first club in Greece to create a cellar and attached such importance to the collection and storage of wines as well as cigars. The cellar is taken care of by a specialist sommelier, who has over 150 different labels of Greek wine as well as international names, vintage champagnes and spirits on offer, while certain wines are aged on the premises.

This restaurant does not currently have the ability to accept online reservations. 

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27th Klm. Athina - Sounio Av. Varkiza

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Opening hours

Monday to Thursday & Sunday 09:00 - 03:00.Friday & Saturday 09:00 - 06:00

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Bar Restaurant

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Cost per person

36€ - 50€

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